TSA Award Passenger Screening Contract for U.S. Airports

Electronic Borders Technology for Effective Passenger Screening

A Credential Authentication system is to be installed at major U.S. airports for screening passenger information in place of visual inspection. The seven-year, $85 million contract has been awarded by the Transport Security Administration (TSA) and will read multiple security features contained within passenger identification documents to ensure that it is genuine.

MorphoTrust is a provider of identity solutions and will undertake the contract for the TSA. “MorphoTrust E-CAT is the culmination of many years of work to address airport security requirements following the 9/11 tragedy, while simplifying travel for American citizens,” MorphoTrust CEO Bob Eckel said. “It is also just the beginning of our vision for what’s possible in air travel, creating a future in which passengers can move easily and securely from the curb to the gate without boarding passes or security lines.”

The electronic security industry is helping to secure borders across the world with the latest technology. EBorders solutions are helping to take security to another level with solutions for passenger processing and screening, the secure and reliable transfer of Advance Passenger Information, biometric security and bioterrorism detection systems.

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