Airport Operations Management Business Acquired by Exelis

Airport Operations Integrated with Management SolutionsExelis, aerospace and defence information company headquartered outside Washington, VA, have announced their acquisition of Orthogon; German airport operations management business, providing applications for air traffic flow management and decision-making to airport operators and ANSPs across the world.

The Orthogon business designs and develops traffic optimisation applications and predict traffic demand on runways, giving airport operators flexibility to optimise their resources both on the ground and in the air.

“The acquisition of Orthogon expands our aviation solutions portfolio and international market position,” said Pam Drew, Exelis president of the Exelis Information Systems division. “With our global airport presence and Orthogon’s queue management applications we see opportunities to deliver solutions to our customers that will lower costs and increase capacity and efficiency of their operations.”

Airport management systems integration is a necessary part of the process of information management. Additional applications available from other providers of airport management systems can include ‘back-office’ applications that assist with the smooth and efficient operation of baggage handling systems and passenger processing. As airports grow busier, with estimated passenger flow on the increase to the tune of more than 5% each year, operational productivity can suffer without key integrated systems in place.

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