Automated Passports System Launched in Atlanta

Automated Border Control BenefitsAtlanta International Airport have unveiled the latest in automated passport control in conjunction with the US Customs and Border Protection authority. The kiosks will operate in concourses E & F and will be available to passengers with Electronic System for Travel Authorization approval.

The system allows such passengers to submit their Customs Declaration and other travel and personal information electronically, which will reduce the time they will be required to spend with a CBP officer. The average reduction will be 20-40% in waiting time and will greatly improve efficient expedition of these passengers.

As passenger numbers grow across the globe on a yearly basis, many airports are looking into electronic border control solutions to increase passenger processing, while maintaining security. Ground delays are kept to a minimum, as ‘safe’ passengers can be expedited, leaving more time for border agencies to screen other travellers.

“These new kiosks will go a long way to improve the overall experience for our international customers coming into Atlanta because they provide a more efficient process for exiting customs,” said John Laughter, senior vice president for Delta`s Corporate Safety, Security and Compliance. “We strive to provide our customers with an enjoyable travel experience through all aspects of our operation including Customs and Border Protection checkpoints.”

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