Honda Reveals New Business Jet Aircraft at EBACE

Honda Business JetHondaJet, a production model designed to carry up to seven passengers and crew in style has been unveiled at EBACE in Geneva this week. This much-anticipated debut from Honda was well-received, with the company proudly announcing several milestone achievements.

Honda, who have nine aircraft on the final assembly lines, said that the jet is ready for ground testing, having recently taken delivery of the first GE Honda HF120 engines. The first flights are expected to take place this summer.

“Honda Aircraft Co.’s most important goals are achieving Federal Aviation Administration Type Certification and delivering the first customer aircraft,” said Michimasa Fujino, president and chief executive. The final certification stages began in December 2013.

“The HondaJet production line is maturing with efficient and robust processes in place to build high quality aircraft,” Fujino said. “From handheld tablets that deliver worker instructions to an automatic guided cart to pick up and deliver parts, we continue to integrate the latest technology into our production process to create an efficient workflow.”

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