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Automated Border Control BenefitsAtlanta International Airport have unveiled the latest in automated passport control in conjunction with the US Customs and Border Protection authority. The kiosks will operate in concourses E & F and will be available to passengers with Electronic System for Travel Authorization approval.

The system allows such passengers to submit their Customs Declaration and other travel and personal information electronically, which will reduce the time they will be required to spend with a CBP officer. The average reduction will be 20-40% in waiting time and will greatly improve efficient expedition of these passengers.

As passenger numbers grow across the globe on a yearly basis, many airports are looking into electronic border control solutions to increase passenger processing, while maintaining security. Ground delays are kept to a minimum, as ‘safe’ passengers can be expedited, leaving more time for border agencies to screen other travellers.

“These new kiosks will go a long way to improve the overall experience for our international customers coming into Atlanta because they provide a more efficient process for exiting customs,” said John Laughter, senior vice president for Delta`s Corporate Safety, Security and Compliance. “We strive to provide our customers with an enjoyable travel experience through all aspects of our operation including Customs and Border Protection checkpoints.”

Providers of Automated Baggage Handling SolutionsSince 9/11, there is little doubt that increases in airport security and border control have swept the globe. As governments and border control agencies take technological advancements and solutions to border security into the 21st Century airports, not only have these biometric solutions improved security, but have indeed contributed to an enhanced experience for the passenger.

It is small wonder that market intelligence providers, Acuity, report that the automated border control eGate and kiosk market will generate over $1.2 billion annually by 2020. The analysts also predict that during the same year, automated border control systems will number more than 6,000 with 33,000 self-service kiosks and eGates deployed for baggage drop and check-in across all ports, including airports, land and sea.

Maxine Most, principal of Acuity Market Intelligence says, “Automated border control eGates and kiosks represent the customer-facing touch points to what promises to be a far more complex and highly interoperable 21st Century border management IT infrastructure.”

Automated border control providers can integrate the system of passenger processing and baggage handling both within the terminal and off-site, creating improved through-flow for the airport and greater efficiency, which in turn offers the passenger far greater flexibility. Common-use terminal equipment brings multiple airlines baggage and self-service check-in solutions to streamline operations, leading to cost-effective management and infrastructure.

Automated Border ClearanceHamad International Airport in the State of Qatar has awarded a contract for 64 e-Gates, equipped with Automated Border Clearance Biometrics to be integrated into the infrastructure of the airport operations.

The technology, including face, fingerprint and iris recognition biometrics will bring enhanced automated border clearance, speeding up passenger processing and streamlining operations at the airport.

Vision-Box, who has been awarded the contract are honoured to be a part of the implementation of the state-of-the-art systems.  “The Middle-East is a market that continues to show enormous potential, where we have invested for some years now and we look forward to further contribute to the various on-going Identity Management programs, as well as supporting the different GCC initiatives in similar projects, by continuously investing in local resources” said Jean-François Lennon, Director of International Business Development at Vision-Box.

Automated Border Clearance Systems are in operation across the globe and can greatly improve operations within the terminal buildings, helping passengers and airport staff with the streamlining of procedures, which before could be exhaustive both physically and operationally.

Other eBorders providers, such as ARINC Inc, bring enhanced automated border clearance technology solutions, including automated baggage handling, self-service kiosks for check-in and bag drop and advanced passenger information systems for the delivery of vital and often mandatory passenger data.