$6.4 Million Contract for Nairobi International Airport to Include Information Management System

Physical Security Solutions Providers for AviationIt has been announced that multinational security company, Magal Security Systems Ltd, have been awarded a $6.4 million contract to provide physical security measures and an information management system in Nairobi International Airport by 2015.

In addition to security fencing upgrades and multiple surveillance technology, Magal will install an advanced PSIM information management system to integrate and manage the security improvements.

President and CEO of Magal S3, said, “Over the past two years, we have successfully delivered a number of security projects for critical national assets in Kenya, demonstrating how excellence in performance and successful deliveries lead to significant further business. We are proud to be employed by this prestigious national customer and remain committed to supplying the latest technology with the highest standards of execution.”

The announcement follows recent speculation of the release of funds from the Kenyan government to invest in the much-needed improvements to airport security across the country.

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