Philippines Implementation of APIS to Improve Passenger Travel

Providers of secure, reliable APIS deliveryIn a bid to make the travel experience for passengers as smooth as possible, the Philippines will make the implementation of Advanced Passenger Information System (APIS) next year. Carried out jointly with the Department of Justice, Department of Budget and Management Bureau of Immigration, the vital data concerning all passengers will be assessed between 120 hours to 15 minutes prior to departure.

Aside from the security aspects of reliable APIS, the Philippines have long been struggling with efficiencies on the ground, as flights tend to arrive quickly, in succession. The long ground delays have been a problem, causing chaos within terminals as passengers endure queues, hold-ups in baggage areas and a lack of trolleys.

Tourism Secretary Ramon R. Jimenez Jr. said, “The ideal travel experience is one without interruption. We want the entry of travellers into the Philippines to become as smooth and seamless as possible so we need an efficient tool such as an electronic API. This would avoid long queue in our airports, as we can already identify passengers who are ‘bad’ or ‘good.’ But, of course, we have to have a balance between border control/security with that of ease of entry into our airports.”

The benefits of APIS are clear to see and easy to implement. “All we have to do is to synchronize the system with that of the Philippines government. It will be up to the Philippines authorities to align their systems with the airline companies’ systems,” explained Roberto Lim, IATA Country Manager for the Philippines.

Streamlining passenger processes are just one of the advantages of APIS implementation. The ability to screen passengers in advance gives the authorities the opportunity to spot ‘at risk’ travellers and expedite ‘safe’ ones. Providers of APIS technology offer secure and reliable ways of APIS delivery across the world.

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