Cabin Communications Training for Flight Crews

Leading Cabin Services ProvidersFlight crews and maintenance personnel will now be able to receive cabin communications training from Satcom Direct in a partnership with FlightSafety at the Teterboro Learning Centre in an expansion of their current training program in Georgia.

The aim is to provide cabin communications equipment training in a demonstration of how the satellite and equipment functions and operates in order for cabin crews to better assist passengers with the operation of the IFE systems and for maintenance crews to learn to troubleshoot.

“Students will have a hands-on experience just like they would in the aircraft,” said Scott Hamilton, Satcom Direct chief strategy officer. “They’ll learn how to optimize computers and mobile devices for satellite internet and voice communications.”

Using the very latest equipment from Inmarsat and Iridium, in addition to the Satcom Direct systems, students will learn how to deal with inoperative equipment whilst in-flight, enabling minor issues to be ironed out with minimal disruption to the service.

Cabin communications providers offer seamless connectivity for passengers and crew with Internet access for in-flight entertainment.

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