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aviation_cabinGogo has announced that its IFE connectivity product, Gogo Vision is improving, and has started to ‘return more interesting dollars’ at last.

The company, who supply IFE connectivity solutions for both business and commercial aircraft have admitted that a lot of its content does not get to airlines, as they offer many smaller, independent films and documentaries, and an opt-in functionality for passengers.

As passenger demand increases for cabin connectivity, providers are under pressure to provide superfast connection rates for live streaming. Other providers, such as Rockwell Collins’ Cabin Connect, also deliver the opportunity to operate IFE, and cabin connectivity for passengers and crew via a single installation, and satellite communications networks.

Passenger communications technology soaring | Business Aviation BlogAs the quality of aircraft passenger communications increases in demand, Air France Industries has announced it will use Rockwell Collins’ PAVES passenger services systems to upgrade four Airbus A330’s for a client.

PAVES is renowned in the industry for its weight reduction and subsequent fuel savings that can amount over a year to millions of dollars. The system can also operate independently, or can integrate with other passenger communications and IFE solutions, and benefits from a cabin crew call system.

Air France Industries designed the installation and teamed up with Rockwell Collins for this cabin services solution.

cabinconnectGXIn a recent report from aviation analysts, it was found that the prices passengers are paying for inflight Wifi varies wildly, with some airlines offering a free service, and others charging up to £30.

So why the huge difference? Some providers say that the cost of installation of the aircraft system is a significant contributor to the high cost, yet it seems to be mostly the budget airlines offering free access, surprisingly.

Another complaint from passengers is the speed and quality of inflight Wifi. Onboard internet can be provided in two ways – via satellite communications or via air-to-ground communications systems. The air-to-ground option delivers higher speeds, but satellite is necessary for connectivity over oceanic expanses.

A growing number of airline passengers require inflight Wifi. Some commercial passengers want access to social media, or want to stream information, but others require access for business purposes. Executive travellers can often ‘charge’ inflight Wifi to their business expenses, but others are simply refusing to pay high prices that can be comparable with the cost of a monthly broadband fee at home.

Airlines need to look at their options, as it appears that the provision of inflight Wifi may become a source of competition amongst the airline community as time goes by.

Leading Cabin Services ProvidersFlight crews and maintenance personnel will now be able to receive cabin communications training from Satcom Direct in a partnership with FlightSafety at the Teterboro Learning Centre in an expansion of their current training program in Georgia.

The aim is to provide cabin communications equipment training in a demonstration of how the satellite and equipment functions and operates in order for cabin crews to better assist passengers with the operation of the IFE systems and for maintenance crews to learn to troubleshoot.

“Students will have a hands-on experience just like they would in the aircraft,” said Scott Hamilton, Satcom Direct chief strategy officer. “They’ll learn how to optimize computers and mobile devices for satellite internet and voice communications.”

Using the very latest equipment from Inmarsat and Iridium, in addition to the Satcom Direct systems, students will learn how to deal with inoperative equipment whilst in-flight, enabling minor issues to be ironed out with minimal disruption to the service.

Cabin communications providers offer seamless connectivity for passengers and crew with Internet access for in-flight entertainment.

Cabin Management TechnologyRockwell Collins, recent acquirers of ARINC Inc, today unveiled the latest innovation in personal tablet use. Their new side-ledge arm personal tablet mount is designed to work with the Venue Cabin Management System.

The new mount means that passengers with iPads and Galaxy tabs will be able to easily mount, charge and operate their personal tablets onboard, integrating with the latest in-flight entertainment system. This is great news for the ever-increasing numbers of passengers carrying personal tablets.

“With Venue, we’re creating a cabin experience that’s tailored to best suit its passengers,” said vice president and general manager, Flight Controls and Information Systems for Rockwell Collins, Greg Irmen. “Our new mount enables passengers to seamlessly integrate their personal tablets into the cabin setting and more comfortably enjoy their own content.”

Rockwell Collins offer apps that integrate with the cabin management system, such as Airshow, which displays an interactive moving map and real-time flight information. Also, they can offer Cabin Remote, which allows control of the cabin environment.

The new personal tablet mounts are available now for use in cabins equipped with the Venue system and allows Skybox passengers access to current onboard digital content.