Rockwell Collins Launch Personal Tablet Mount for Venue Cabin Management System

Cabin Management TechnologyRockwell Collins, recent acquirers of ARINC Inc, today unveiled the latest innovation in personal tablet use. Their new side-ledge arm personal tablet mount is designed to work with the Venue Cabin Management System.

The new mount means that passengers with iPads and Galaxy tabs will be able to easily mount, charge and operate their personal tablets onboard, integrating with the latest in-flight entertainment system. This is great news for the ever-increasing numbers of passengers carrying personal tablets.

“With Venue, we’re creating a cabin experience that’s tailored to best suit its passengers,” said vice president and general manager, Flight Controls and Information Systems for Rockwell Collins, Greg Irmen. “Our new mount enables passengers to seamlessly integrate their personal tablets into the cabin setting and more comfortably enjoy their own content.”

Rockwell Collins offer apps that integrate with the cabin management system, such as Airshow, which displays an interactive moving map and real-time flight information. Also, they can offer Cabin Remote, which allows control of the cabin environment.

The new personal tablet mounts are available now for use in cabins equipped with the Venue system and allows Skybox passengers access to current onboard digital content.

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