Netuitive Information Management System Using Predictive Analytics

Leading Airport Management SystemsAviation information management is complex and handles enormous amounts of data regarding flight management systems, aircraft weight and balance data, departure control systems and even information about car rentals, online check-in and passenger data. For this reason it is critical that the information can be collected, stored and used efficiently and above all, securely.

Airlines, operators and airports use specialist providers of information management systems to ensure correct and reliable management is seamlessly efficient, fast and ultimately secure, often storing incredible amounts of sensitive data. Airport operations rely upon accurate data analysis to allow for smooth productivity.

Amadeus, a technology partner in aviation, has come up with a software solution that uses predictive analytics to pick up potential problems before they occur. Netuitive is a cloud-based system that monitors their Alta DCS, flight management system and all the aforementioned considerations. It is expected to be ready for commercial release in the latter half of this year, and will aim to simplify the data management arena.

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