4G Broadband for Business Aviation Connectivity

Broadband for Business Aviation ConnectivityBusiness aviation connectivity is set for an upgrade next year with faster in-flight broadband speeds promised by Honeywell and AT&T. Honeywell have announced that they will be providing the hardware for a new 4G network service from AT&T that could potentially, based upon current capabilities, offer download speeds ranging from 16.65 to 66.11 Mbps and upload speeds of 7.43 Mbps.

These speeds could enable business aviation passengers to watch video, text and Internet surf in addition to the data messaging benefits for flight deck communications and cabin services.

Using the new Ka-band GX aviation service, these speeds promise to be the fastest to date.

Honeywell will provide the hardware, including antennas, for access to the network and will be developed to work with the Inmarsat L-band and new Global Xpress Ka-band satellite networks, giving connectivity the chance to stretch its legs beyond the continental U.S.

Business aviation currently enjoys global connectivity with other providers, such as ViaSat’s Yonder service and ARINC Direct’s range of passenger and cabin communications solutions.

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