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More about secure network capabilities | Business Aviation NewsAirlines and operators today enjoy the enhanced benefits of network connectivity, reaping rewards such as increased operational efficiency, situational awareness and passenger satisfaction as processing and data transfer continues to streamline passenger processing.

However, there are still concerns in the industry over security measures, with risks increasing in terms of infiltration, or hacking, of critical airport systems infrastructure.

To ensure comprehensive security across an entire infrastructure, these challenges can be addressed with implementation of reliable network services, such as the use of a Wide Area Network (WAN). Rockwell Collins’ ARINC AviNet WAN, for example, gives airlines and operators secure access to a system that has been in operation for more than 50 years, operating seamlessly with airport systems such as the proven vMUSE platform.

vMUSE is a well-known platform, handling applications for back-office, baggage handling, passenger processing and aircraft communications.

Dealing with aviation network security challenges is an important part of airport operations to ensure aircraft and passenger safety across the globe.

Providers of Airport Systems Technology | Business Aviation BlogAll over the world the face of airport operations is changing – from security to check-in – and operators are looking to the latest innovations in technology to further enhance efficiency throughout the airport environment.

The complex sector of IT infrastructure is not overlooked, as the self-service revolution intensifies and even more systems need to communicate with one another, and recognise biometric data of passengers and personnel.

The largest airport technology and systems providers are constantly updating their solutions to give airports exactly what they need to operate at the optimum efficiency. What is needed is a robust IT infrastructure to handle the millions of pieces of data that pass through airport systems every day.

AviNet Airport Solutions

Rockwell Collins will be demonstrating the best features of their ARINC airport solutions at this year’s Dubai Airport Show on stand 8310.

“The Dubai Airport Show is an important platform for us to engage with new and potential customers – especially as we continue to invest and grow in the region,” said Tony Lynch, Middle East Director, Information Management Services for Rockwell Collins. “We’re looking forward to many productive meetings at the show, and demonstrating how our innovative airport technologies can help manage airport costs and improve processes.”

Rockwell Collins will be exhibiting highlights of the Airport Solutions package, with cost-effective shared check-in features, such as:

Multiple airline support
• Cloud-based common check-in
• Touchscreen Wayfinding
• Airport Operational Suite – as part of the CDM initiative
• Security & surveillance solutions
• Legacy & CUPPS application support
• Common-use biometric passenger processing

All these features and more will provide advanced solutions for the airport of tomorrow, offering flexibility and enhanced operational activity with cost-sharing initiatives for all sized operations.

Leading Airport Management SystemsAviation information management is complex and handles enormous amounts of data regarding flight management systems, aircraft weight and balance data, departure control systems and even information about car rentals, online check-in and passenger data. For this reason it is critical that the information can be collected, stored and used efficiently and above all, securely.

Airlines, operators and airports use specialist providers of information management systems to ensure correct and reliable management is seamlessly efficient, fast and ultimately secure, often storing incredible amounts of sensitive data. Airport operations rely upon accurate data analysis to allow for smooth productivity.

Amadeus, a technology partner in aviation, has come up with a software solution that uses predictive analytics to pick up potential problems before they occur. Netuitive is a cloud-based system that monitors their Alta DCS, flight management system and all the aforementioned considerations. It is expected to be ready for commercial release in the latter half of this year, and will aim to simplify the data management arena.

ARINC have announced that Korean Air has chosen to renew GLOBALink and AviNet contracts and will be the airlines primary satellite communications providers.

ARINC has worked with Korean Air since 1987 and will continue to provide services that ‘demonstrate consistent commitment to reliability and innovative excellence.’  GLOBALink’s voice and data structure is the most reliable in the world, offering truly global coverage with uninterrupted communications over a seamless network.  AviNet Airport offers streamlined passenger processing and a cost effective solution across the vMUSE platform.

Mr S.M. Lee, Chief Information Officer and Senior Vice President of IT for Korean Air says, “As our needs continue to grow, we believe ARINC will continue to meet our requirements as it understands our business.”

Korean Air will continue to receive AviNet Airport for operations, GLOBALink/VHF & HF, Type A & Type B Messaging, satellite and voice communications. Being the airlines primary SATCOM services provider will enable ARINC to resolve any arising issues faster and will be able to manage communications more effectively with even greater efficiency.

“Every day, ARINC helps more than 14,000 commercial aircraft for over 300 airlines execute over 100,000 take offs and landings with mission-critical network and communication capabilities,” said Mr. K.B. Cho, Director, ARINC Korea. “ARINC remains committed to meeting the evolving needs of airlines like Korean Air with our portfolio of capabilities and applications. We evolve as our customers evolve, and airlines can certainly depend on us to maximize performance, safety and operational excellence.”

AviNet Airport handles passenger processing solutions and airport operations management over a high-performance network enabling cost-sharing and wide-area networking.

Panama’s Tocumen International Airport with the support of the ICAO has chosen ARINC AviNet Messaging Solution for the analysis of the airport’s operational data and capturing advance passenger information (API).

ARINC also provides baggage source, load and movement messages which encompasses critical data about weight, baggage and movement for arriving and departing aircraft.

Finding ARINC’s AviNet to be the most effective solution available, Juan Carlos Pino, Tocumen’s GM said, “The new solution will assist the airport in capturing both operational and advance passenger information data from international air transport carriers.”

ARINC AviNet will be used for the on-going analysis, through the transmission of API messages, which supports Panama’s border security requirements and aims to improve airport operational efficiency.

ARINC Global Networks and IT Solutions Vice-President, Yun Chong agrees and says, “Tocumen International Airport is joining other industry leaders who are using operation data analysis to improve airport efficiency.”

ARINC AviNet for Tocumen