Korean Air Renews GLOBALink and AviNet with ARINC

ARINC have announced that Korean Air has chosen to renew GLOBALink and AviNet contracts and will be the airlines primary satellite communications providers.

ARINC has worked with Korean Air since 1987 and will continue to provide services that ‘demonstrate consistent commitment to reliability and innovative excellence.’  GLOBALink’s voice and data structure is the most reliable in the world, offering truly global coverage with uninterrupted communications over a seamless network.  AviNet Airport offers streamlined passenger processing and a cost effective solution across the vMUSE platform.

Mr S.M. Lee, Chief Information Officer and Senior Vice President of IT for Korean Air says, “As our needs continue to grow, we believe ARINC will continue to meet our requirements as it understands our business.”

Korean Air will continue to receive AviNet Airport for operations, GLOBALink/VHF & HF, Type A & Type B Messaging, satellite and voice communications. Being the airlines primary SATCOM services provider will enable ARINC to resolve any arising issues faster and will be able to manage communications more effectively with even greater efficiency.

“Every day, ARINC helps more than 14,000 commercial aircraft for over 300 airlines execute over 100,000 take offs and landings with mission-critical network and communication capabilities,” said Mr. K.B. Cho, Director, ARINC Korea. “ARINC remains committed to meeting the evolving needs of airlines like Korean Air with our portfolio of capabilities and applications. We evolve as our customers evolve, and airlines can certainly depend on us to maximize performance, safety and operational excellence.”

AviNet Airport handles passenger processing solutions and airport operations management over a high-performance network enabling cost-sharing and wide-area networking.

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