ARINC AviNet Solution Chosen by Tocumen International Airport

Panama’s Tocumen International Airport with the support of the ICAO has chosen ARINC AviNet Messaging Solution for the analysis of the airport’s operational data and capturing advance passenger information (API).

ARINC also provides baggage source, load and movement messages which encompasses critical data about weight, baggage and movement for arriving and departing aircraft.

Finding ARINC’s AviNet to be the most effective solution available, Juan Carlos Pino, Tocumen’s GM said, “The new solution will assist the airport in capturing both operational and advance passenger information data from international air transport carriers.”

ARINC AviNet will be used for the on-going analysis, through the transmission of API messages, which supports Panama’s border security requirements and aims to improve airport operational efficiency.

ARINC Global Networks and IT Solutions Vice-President, Yun Chong agrees and says, “Tocumen International Airport is joining other industry leaders who are using operation data analysis to improve airport efficiency.”

ARINC AviNet for Tocumen

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