Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport Trial Automated Baggage Scan System

Ben-Gurion International Airport in Israel is going to trial a new automated baggage security system which is hoped will shorten waiting times for passengers during security checks.  The system will scan, using an automated baggage system, for explosives and other potentially dangerous material, separating those bags for further screening, before delivering the cleared baggage for loading onto the aircraft.

The new system should help to streamline airport operations and enhance passenger experience, while maintaining strict pre-flight security.

Worldwide, airports are realising the increased efficiency of automated operations, including passenger processing and the groundbreaking self-service check-in and automated baggage drop solutions. 

It is easy to see, with current industry-leaders offering technologically advanced check-in and baggage solutions on the ground and in the air, that the future of airline travel could be fully automated, safe and with reduced waiting times.

automated baggage scan

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