Santiago International Airport Upgrade Baggage Handling System

Leading Baggage Handling Solutions ProvidersChilean Santiago International airport has announced the order for an Explosive Detection Scanner (EDS) as part of an upgrade to security. The contract has been awarded to Smiths Detection, through its regional authorised partner, Aerotech. The airport expansion plans are due to a rise in air traffic, noticeable throughout the world.

The order is the first for Smith Detection for the new HI-SCAN 10080 XCT EDS and was won after public tender application. The system was chosen, according to the airport, because it best met the needs for the expansion plans. Based on dual-energy, dual-view x-ray technology, the EDS has a large central opening and capacity for 1800 bags per hour at 98 ft per minute.

Many airports around the globe are upgrading baggage handling systems and looking at a more automated approach to streamline the passenger processing system as passenger demand increases.

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