Arabian Gulf States Invest Heavily in Airport Security

Solutions from ARINC AIM

Mohammed Ahli – Director General – Dubai CAA

With the Gulf airports aiming to increase passenger numbers to 450 million per year by 2020, and the development of new terminals at both Doha and Abu Dhabi, the Arabian Gulf States are investing heavily in airport security, an industry currently estimated to have a global value of $22 billion.

Much of this investment is focussed on innovative technologies designed not only to improve security and efficiencies for the airport but also to improve the passenger experience, as

Mohammed Ahli, director general of the, Dubai Civil Aviation Authority (DCAA) explained,  “It’s crucial to adopt innovative technology, improve security and streamline efficiencies to offer a seamless passenger travel experience.”

Airport Show, the Middle East’s largest airport industry event, provides a welcome opportunity for companies to showcase the technologies vital in achieving this aim. Both Intertech Vision Group, which already has 140 installations in the region, and ARINC, a security and systems integration company offering an Advanced Information Management system (AIM) will be attending,

Stephen Horner, International Business Development Director, Integrated Security Solutions, ARINC, said: “There are many security and systems integration opportunities throughout the GCC region. ARINC has provided integration and security solutions for more than 30 years to a security industry of equal age. We are able to provide ‘best fit’ technology and solution to airports. We wish to showcase our wider capability in delivering integrated security solutions, command and control facility as well as airport solutions.”

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