National Institute of Immigration in Mexico Selects ARINC’s e-Government Solution

Passenger Data Solutions ProvidersIn a move to improve border security and enhance accountability, Mexico’s National Institute of Immigration has chosen ARINC’s e-Government solution. The solution will support Mexico’s immigration policies, enabling the government to improve the process of assessing individuals upon entry in addition to monitoring exit from the country.

The collection of Advanced Passenger Information (API) is a large part of the solution and complies with U.S. mandates in this area. Data gathered allows a detailed review of the passengers before they land in the destination country and can help to recognise high risk passengers, which in turn, allows greater efficiency when managing passenger processing, enhances border security and speeds up the entire process.

ARINC and the INM plan to have the system in place and operational by the end of this year and look forward to the vast improvements that it will allow. The e-Government program is a part of the ARINC electronic borders portfolio, specifically developed to meet modern security and government requirements.

The improvements will service more than 250 commercial airlines that currently operate in Mexico, delivering all the API messaging into the country once the implementations are completed.

“ARINC looks forward to a long and productive relationship with the government of Mexico and our close partners, INM,” said Vice President of ARINC Global Network and IT Solutions, Yun Chong, “Airports and other points of entry must meet border security requirements while still providing the highest levels of customer service. We are committed to helping INM meet its current and future border security and control objectives.”

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