Private Jet Growth as Businesses Fly Further

Flight Support Services to aid Business Jet GrowthThe private jet industry is experiencing a surge as business passengers are increasingly demanding flights to far flung shores and harder-to-reach locations.  This is fuelling a requirement for longer range aircraft to help them achieve their goals.

Flight support services are backing up this new wave of long-haul business jets with satellite communications solutions that provide seamless connectivity – critical for operational productivity for both the airline and the business passenger.

While the total number of business flights decreased 0.7%, the number of long-range business flights rose by almost 19%. This was also reflected in the business jet manufacturing sector as long-range jets grew by 29% and business jet manufacture as a whole fell by 2.1% on last years’ figures.

This has been acknowledged by the president and chief executive of the NBAA, Ed Nolan, who said, “The segment of business aviation that has grown the fastest in the last five years is the ultra-long-range jets that are capable of flying halfway around the world. The Internet has helped shrink the world, and to do business in far-flung places there is still a need for face-to-face communication.”

The oil and mining industries are amongst the most prolific users of the long-range business aviation sector, but an emerging breed of business travellers are spreading their wings in terms of business opportunities in farther corners of the globe.

Many private aviation companies are benefiting from these new trends, such as VistaJet, whose owner; Thomas Flohr began leasing his own aircraft when he was not using it himself.  He believes that the routes are changing considerably, largely due to globalization.

Long-range business jets are still subject to the ETOPS rules and expanding capacity for range and routes gives the industry the boost it needed. Business aviation growth is expected to continue as executives from every corner of every industry strive to find new business from previously inaccessible or economically unreachable locations.

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