Satcom Data Link Coverage Gives Aircraft VHF Communications

SATCOM Data Link for Business AviationSatcom Direct, aviation providers of communications solutions has announced that its International office will now bring VHF coverage for aircraft satcom data link communications.

Using the new SITA VHF ground station, the company can offer enhanced flight deck communications with the joint effort from Satcom Direct and SITA.

“Installation of the VHF antenna and ground station is another way for us to continue to support our international customers, especially aircraft that are based at TAG Farnborough Airport,” said founder and owner of Satcom Direct, Jim Jensen. “Having both a VHF and a satellite component allows Satcom Direct to offer our customers a truly global network supporting all aircraft types equipped with a wide variety of avionics.”

Satcom data link allows pilots the flexibility and enhanced efficiency of sending and receiving data messages, allowing greater operational productivity whilst lightening the cockpit load for the flight crew. The improved reliability of satcom data link messaging is a big plus for aviation operators, with global connectivity becoming increasingly necessary in today’s skies.

Business aviation benefits reach into the cabin as the office in the sky is a prerequisite on most flights, either short or long-haul.

Providers of Satcom data link for business aviation, such as ARINC Direct, bring a seamless global connection with their unique partnership of Iridium and Inmarsat satellite networks and offer coverage in previously hard-to-reach areas, such as vast oceanic expanses and Polar Regions.

Voice and internet connections are crisp and reliable with satcom data link and over the VHF network have far-reaching capability, increased efficiency and ultimately help with cost effective operations, supporting a wide variety of avionics systems and web-based operational activity.

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