DW International Aviation Consultancy & Navtech Partner for Flight Planning

Leading TypeB Messaging Consultancy ServicesUK-based aviation consultants, DW International have announced a new partnership with Navtech, leading in-flight operations software and services providers. The partnership agreement will provide GPS coverage information for airports and routes for the Navtech Flight Plan (NFP) customers to meet PBN guidelines and mandatory State requirements.

Bill Macey, Product Director of Flight Planning at Navtech said, “The relationship with DWI will strengthen the Navtech Flight Plan product. We are continuously motivated to provide our customers with superior quality offerings, especially when they are supported by a partnership with a reputable aviation firm like DWI. Their reliable 24/7 service, along with their initial help desk support will afford our users peace of mind.”

DW International brings technical support as an independent consultancy for aviation communications, navigations and air traffic management.

Many companies enlist the services of consultancy firms for product planning and advice in many areas of aviation.

Leading industry companies, such as ARINC, operate independent consultancy agencies calling upon combined years of experience and technical knowledge to assist the industry with messaging solutions, communications appraisals and operational activities to streamline facilities, maximising cost effective practices across the board.

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