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Other Providers of Operational Messaging SolutionsKazakhstan’s Air Astana is set for further growth with the operational messaging solution for ATS and advanced datalink. Air Astana has expanded in recent times across the CIS and Central Asia regions and has become the travel provider of choice for many passengers, both national and international, with a growth of around 9% annually.

Last year the carrier experienced a 13.5% traffic increase and is preparing for future growth with the latest messaging solutions. Type B messaging underpins every aspect of aviation operations, including commercial and air transport to flight ops and ground support, encompassing passenger services, booking and ticketing to baggage handling and needs to be seamless and reliable to ensure maximum operational productivity.

Providers of Type B Messaging handle many millions of mission-critical transmissions every day and keep the aviation industry smooth running behind the scenes.

Cockpit datalink messaging is critical for management of flight communications, such as ACARS and the provision of datalink technology is a fast-growing requirement across the world for enhanced visibility and transparency of messaging.

Air Astana have selected SITA as their operational messaging provider. Chamindra Lenawa, Vice President IT & eBusiness of Air Astana said, “As Air Astana continues its growth, it is important that we have the right infrastructure in place. We use SITA because it offers excellent service quality and global coverage. Most importantly, because SITA is owned and operated by the air transport industry, the SITA team understands and responds to our needs very well.”

Leading TypeB Messaging Consultancy ServicesUK-based aviation consultants, DW International have announced a new partnership with Navtech, leading in-flight operations software and services providers. The partnership agreement will provide GPS coverage information for airports and routes for the Navtech Flight Plan (NFP) customers to meet PBN guidelines and mandatory State requirements.

Bill Macey, Product Director of Flight Planning at Navtech said, “The relationship with DWI will strengthen the Navtech Flight Plan product. We are continuously motivated to provide our customers with superior quality offerings, especially when they are supported by a partnership with a reputable aviation firm like DWI. Their reliable 24/7 service, along with their initial help desk support will afford our users peace of mind.”

DW International brings technical support as an independent consultancy for aviation communications, navigations and air traffic management.

Many companies enlist the services of consultancy firms for product planning and advice in many areas of aviation.

Leading industry companies, such as ARINC, operate independent consultancy agencies calling upon combined years of experience and technical knowledge to assist the industry with messaging solutions, communications appraisals and operational activities to streamline facilities, maximising cost effective practices across the board.

Operational Messaging & Communication Infrastructure SolutionsThe communications infrastructure of Gatwick Airport is set for a major overhaul to replace vintage 1950’s technology for the latest cloud-based communications services.

Gatwick is the UK’s second largest airport serving an ever-increasing passenger list of 34.2 million every year.  The project will vastly improve passenger services in addition to 2,500 airport end-users and commercial customers, while reducing costs as staff will be given access through any device.

A five-year contract to upgrade and revamp the communications infrastructure will be carried out by Xchanging, with support from Cisco and Fujitsu.

The aim is to understand the communications infrastructure with a heavy focus upon making Gatwick a key contender, not just for the UK, but for Europe as a key choice.

Michael Ibbitson, CIO of Gatwick airport said, “ By adopting this new approach, we will be transforming the way our staff operates – video conferencing with each other, for instance and working from home effectively during snow days.  This slicker operation will have a significant impact on passenger experience which is what we are always striving to improve.”

The project began earlier this autumn and has a hosted voice and collaboration service.

It is critical for communications infrastructure to understand the messaging needs of an airport and operations to ensure maximum benefits and operational productivity.  Consultancy providers are worth their weight in this respect.

Jean-Lesange International Airport in Quebec will become the first to implement SITA’s Aviation Operational Statistics (AOS) Data Transformation Service, which will help to integrate data from multiple airlines into the airport management system, used for comprehensive operations and critical Type B messaging.

This will allow the airport to process all operational messaging figures including passenger count and load figures and will provide airport management high quality data to enhance real-time decision making.

In turn, airport resources can be managed more effectively, allocating ground-handlers to busy slots in advance, using type b messaging data to streamline operations and minimise ground delays during inclement weather or unforeseen delays to arrival and departure times.

Type B messaging is an essential part of airport operations and is used industry-wide for the delivery of thousands of messages on a daily basis.  Many airports use a consultancy service to find the best solutions for cost-effectivity and enhanced productivity in this way.  ARINC Type B consultancy service offers comprehensive analysis of type b messaging systems to enable airports and operations maximum streamlining with the best solutions available.