Quebec Airport Management System Implemented for Type B Messaging and Data Transformation

Jean-Lesange International Airport in Quebec will become the first to implement SITA’s Aviation Operational Statistics (AOS) Data Transformation Service, which will help to integrate data from multiple airlines into the airport management system, used for comprehensive operations and critical Type B messaging.

This will allow the airport to process all operational messaging figures including passenger count and load figures and will provide airport management high quality data to enhance real-time decision making.

In turn, airport resources can be managed more effectively, allocating ground-handlers to busy slots in advance, using type b messaging data to streamline operations and minimise ground delays during inclement weather or unforeseen delays to arrival and departure times.

Type B messaging is an essential part of airport operations and is used industry-wide for the delivery of thousands of messages on a daily basis.  Many airports use a consultancy service to find the best solutions for cost-effectivity and enhanced productivity in this way.  ARINC Type B consultancy service offers comprehensive analysis of type b messaging systems to enable airports and operations maximum streamlining with the best solutions available.

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