Private Jet in Atlanta More Economical than Commercial Flight

Business Aviation News

Peachtree Aviation have been looking at private jet flight in Atlanta versus commercial and have concluded that often it can be more economical to rent a private jet if you have a group of people to transport.

James Barber, CEO of Peachtree Aviation said, “Flying commercially is often a major time sink and this can cost you dearly when you have high productivity costs.”

In the business world, hiring a private jet is more likely to reduce the costs per person when you compare the price with the individual purchase of multiple commercial seats for a team of employees.  Add that to the time saved overall per employee and the real savings can be significant.

Mr Barber goes on to say, “When you factor in the time you have to waste going through a commercial airport’s security lines, the wait for the plane, the extended boarding period and then the time it takes you to get your luggage after the flight, you can end up saving several hours of productivity time per person.”

Peachtree Aviation offers private jet charter in Atlanta.


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