$6 Billion Earmarked for Airport IT Investment

Airport IT & Management Services ProvidersAccording to the recent release of the 2013 SITA/ACI/Airline Business Airport IT Trends Survey, around $6 billion will be spend in airport IT investments by the end of this year.

Approximately 90%, it is estimated; of global airports expect their annual IT spending to increase next year and the focus across all is upon passenger experience.

Airports are spending their investments on passenger processing technology, alongside passenger and information services to improve overall airport operations.

Growing steadily on the priority list is the management of IT information across the sector.

Business intelligence transforms airline data into useful information that can then be used to maximise revenue, improve passenger experience and monitor passenger flow, while effectively managing airport resources.

Airport management solutions can encompass a whole range of functions, from passenger processing, airport operations – front end and back office – and baggage handling.

Multi, common-use technology and systems can help to integrate the entire process, giving access to DCS and flight planning applications across a wide-ranging network and protocols.

Solutions such as ARINC AviNet Airport seamlessly manage operational and mission-critical messaging across the board, giving airports the flexibility they need, while managing costs with sharing capabilities.

Currently, only 8% of airports have achieved their data requirements according to the survey.

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