Expedited Passenger Processing Systems Going Global

chi-speedy-passport-process-coming-to-midway-2-001Chicago Department of Aviation announced last week that Chicago Midway Airport will soon implement the same speedy passport process as O’Hare Airport did earlier this year.

The fully automated passport control is all about moving passengers quickly and safely through border clearance processes with the ability to enter information at a self-service kiosk.

This eliminates the filling in of paper customs declaration forms in the U.S., instead scanning passports and answering question on a touch screen.

Photographs are taken of each passenger at the kiosk and, once the verification questions and customs declaration are completed, then a receipt is printed to present to the customs officer.

The system is designed to speed up the entire process of passenger processing, not just in the US, but across the world too.

European countries, such as France are expanding the self-service idea, with many airlines utilising vMUSE and CUTE self-service systems, with many aviation companies placing a direct focus upon these emerging markets.  ARINC, for example have launched a French language site for their electronic and automated borders solutions.


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