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Aircraft Internet with ARINC Cabin Connect

ViaSat, providers of Yonder Internet Service for business jets say their customers are feeling the benefit of their high speed aircraft internet after an increase of 60% in bandwidth, new systems and ground station upgrades.

Aircraft internet is rapidly becoming a necessity on the modern executive jet aircraft.  Passenger communications solutions are big news in the business aviation services sector.

With the demands on the increase, the pressure is upon aircraft internet and aircraft wifi providers to bring new, fast and reasonably priced solutions to the industry.

Aircraft satellite communications bring speed, efficiency and cost effectivity to a world that needs seamless global connections.  Business Jet passengers need to work at the same levels of productivity as they do in their ground-based offices and customer service is a firm ground in competitive conditions.

Aircraft internet providers for business aviation such as ARINC Direct, are constantly expanding their extensive suite of solutions.  Competitive packages are individually tailored to suit their customers whether they operate a single executive jet or an entire fleet.

NBAA Welcome End of Government ShutdownEd Bolen, CEO and President of the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) has released a statement welcoming the end of the U.S. Government shutdown over the last few weeks, following President Obama’s signing of the agreement to address the debt ceiling.

Although it is acknowledged that it will take some time before the FAA services are fully ‘up and running’ again, the move heaves a collective sigh of relief throughout the industry. The affects of the shutdown have been far-reaching and devastating for business aviation and the NBAA has worked long and hard to find a way forward.

“For the past 17 days, the federal government has been shut down, and the consequences for business aviation have been devastating. Throughout this period, NBAA has tirelessly urged policymakers from every point on the political spectrum, both sides of Capitol Hill and both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue to find some way forward. We welcome this agreement for ending the shutdown, because it brings a resolution to an untenable situation,” said Mr Bolen.

Mr Bolen also remarked that the NBAA need to monitor developments as there is a distinct possibility that the same circumstances could arise again, that led to the shutdown.  The industry will be kept informed, he promised.

“As always, we will need to remain vigilant, and our industry will need to be ready to mobilize, just as the business aviation community did when the devastating impacts of this shutdown became clear.”

Many crucial services were suspended during the shutdown, including the purchase and sale, import and exports and maintenance of aircraft as the FAA’s US Aircraft Registry was directly affected.

Quintessentially Aviation FBO will launch its new FBO facility with efficient passenger processing at Shannon Airport at the NBAA Convention in Las Vegas.

The new FBO commenced operations at the beginning of this month and is part of a joint venture between QA and Sky Handling Partners.

Custom Clearance Shannon is the only place outside the Americas that can furnish business aviation with US pre-clearance and boasts turnaround times of approximately 45 minutes, which has made Shannon an attractive place for passengers of both departures and arrivals into the US with swift and smooth passenger processing.

“We anticipate that 90% of our clientele will be transatlantic clients wishing to maximise the ease of clearance opportunities at the airport. They are also likely to be high net worth individuals originating in Russia or the Middle East, so Shannon’s strict security monitoring, is also an attraction” said Brendan McQuaid, Managing Director, confirming why Shannon Airport was selected for the inaugural QA FBO.

Expected to be completed at the end of this year, the large crew facilities will include a rest area, showers, WiFi, flight planning capabilities and satellite television with a new passenger lounge with contemporary style and service.

The company are hoping to attract new clientele with the new facility in addition to the competitive fuel pricing structure developed in partnership with World Fuel.

Quintessential Aviation FBO hope that this new facility will be the first of many and look forward to its success.

security surveillance systemLong Island MacArthur Airport (LIMA) have upgraded their security surveillance system to an advanced digital system as part of a plan to enhance the airport ready for potential passenger growth and expanded air service.  LIMA have leveraged previous investments by choosing a security surveillance system to integrate with their existing technology.

LIMA have selected IPVideo Corporation to provide the upgrades to the public airport that is owned by the town of Islip.  LIMA serves almost two million passengers per year, averaging 500 flights every day, both commercial and private charter aircraft, of which it houses 250.

The new system will operate high resolution cameras with facial recognition capability to aid border control to identify persons of interest.  The cameras have a timeline feature which will enable higher levels of customer service and allow operators to locate lost items or even cars in the parking facility.

Physical security surveillance system operation is critical across the globe to guarantee secure and safe passage for passengers and staff at border control facilities.  The reassurance of today’s technological advances can be felt industry-wide.

A solution that is scalable and flexible is often required and is offered by companies such as ARINC, who have an eighty-year record of excellence in the aviation industry.  Their physical security surveillance systems are used throughout the industry and also in nuclear facilities.

ARINC Direct Flight Support Services

Leading provider of flight support services solutions for business aviation, ARINC Direct, has announced the launch of Vector SMS, a quality and Safety Management System (SMS) that will improve operational efficiency and enhance flight safety.

The solution, brought via third party ARINC partner, Polaris, will be demonstrated at the NBAA Annual Meeting and Convention in Las Vegas later this year.

Vector SMS will be a critical addition to ARINC Direct’s flight support services, enabling flight departments compliance with SMS standards, such as IS-BAO and ICAO, with swift efficiency.  With a service designed for the needs of flight departments of any size on a subscription basis, it is a cost-effective solution for the implementation of a safety management system.

“SMS is becoming a standard throughout the aviation industry worldwide,” said Bob Richard, Vice President of ARINC Direct. “ARINC, along with our partner Polaris, is leading the industry in providing organizations with a comprehensive safety management program that truly represents the next step in the evolution of safety in aviation.”

“Polaris Aero’s continued partnership with ARINC Direct will greatly increase the awareness and acceptance of SMS among flight departments,” said Christopher Connor at Polaris Aero. “We are excited to provide a rich set of SMS functionality to ARINC Direct, a company that continues to drive innovative flight planning solutions in our industry.”

Flight Planning iPad App

Leading flight support and communications provider for business aviation, ARINC Direct have announced the release of their latest flight planning iPad app, version 3.0.

The new version includes all the benefits of the older version plus a range of document management functions to simplify flight planning and an ARINC Direct website component that gives pilots and crew access to their files on iPad and on the web.  This will allow them to assign documents to a specific flight leg, aircraft or user, streamlining the filing and management process with simple drag and drop utility.

“ARINC is working to minimize paper and improve access to information on the flight deck for pilots,” said Bob Richard, ARINC Direct Vice President, “and version 3.0 is a major step forward in getting our customers there.”

Available in the Apple app store now, the ARINC Direct Flight Planning iPad App is, according to Mr Richard, “Another example of how we respond to our customer requirements for a cost-effective, simple and seamless user experience.”

Automated Border ClearanceHamad International Airport in the State of Qatar has awarded a contract for 64 e-Gates, equipped with Automated Border Clearance Biometrics to be integrated into the infrastructure of the airport operations.

The technology, including face, fingerprint and iris recognition biometrics will bring enhanced automated border clearance, speeding up passenger processing and streamlining operations at the airport.

Vision-Box, who has been awarded the contract are honoured to be a part of the implementation of the state-of-the-art systems.  “The Middle-East is a market that continues to show enormous potential, where we have invested for some years now and we look forward to further contribute to the various on-going Identity Management programs, as well as supporting the different GCC initiatives in similar projects, by continuously investing in local resources” said Jean-François Lennon, Director of International Business Development at Vision-Box.

Automated Border Clearance Systems are in operation across the globe and can greatly improve operations within the terminal buildings, helping passengers and airport staff with the streamlining of procedures, which before could be exhaustive both physically and operationally.

Other eBorders providers, such as ARINC Inc, bring enhanced automated border clearance technology solutions, including automated baggage handling, self-service kiosks for check-in and bag drop and advanced passenger information systems for the delivery of vital and often mandatory passenger data.

vmuse solutionsARINC has announced the completion of its implementation of vMUSE Common Use Passenger Processing Solution at Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) International Airport in the United Arab Emirates.

Ras Al Khaimah, literally meaning ‘the top of the tent’ shares a border with Oman and its International Airport is seeing increasing numbers of passenger throughflow steadily each year.  The airport has been undergoing an expansion plan and ARINC’s technological solutions will help to bring the airport greater efficiency and will optimise capacity.

Chairman of RAK International Airport, H.H. Engr. Sheikh Salem Bin Sultan Al Qassimi, said: “We have continuously delivered on all of our promises for this year, including the current expansion phase which is already seeing the airport receive a steadily increasing number of passengers. We are confident that the ARINC systems will make us a hi-tech, efficient and integrated airport.  We are already pioneering several firsts and ARINC is the right partner who has embraced the concept of taking the airport out into the wider Ras Al Khaimah, the resorts, hotels and the city.”

ARINC vMUSE solutions bring virtualisation technology into the equation and provide multiple airline check-in facilities that do not require multiple check in desks.  The space saving benefits can be realised immediately in smaller airports, allowing for reduced operational costs, up-front capital expenditure and the near elimination of on-site infrastructure spending.

Ras Al Khaimah is now planning the next step in their expansion as they plan to offer remote check-in and self-service bag drop facilities.  ARINC’s technology will play an important part in the plan.

Germany-based Spherus Aviation, a leading business aviation firm from Hannover, has scheduled a follow-up trip to Nigeria with a view to developing business aviation in the country.

In a bid to drum up enthusiasm, the company has been encouraging Nigerian clients and extolling the virtues of the charter and management of private aircraft, showcasing business jets.

In partnership with Cita-Triax Aviation, a Nigerian-based company, Spherus is committed to improving and expanding Nigeria’s business aviation industry.

“On this trip, we are participating in the Oil &and Gas expo in Abuja and will be offering advice and support to clients at the Cessna/Bell stand with Robert Prentise of Africa air Inc. We will present our latest Special Management Model Turnkey solution to potential Nigerian business aviation clients who may be government officials, business leaders and high net worth individuals that value their time in meeting up with their appointments using a private long range shuttle with maximum comfort and guarantee of safety, ” said Mr Sebastian Kester, MD of Spherus Aviation.

Spherus Aviation is the first Nigerian-owned business aviation operator to work successfully in Europe and will bring European aviation standards into Nigeria.  It is hoped that the development of business in Nigeria will encourage the continuation of direct foreign investment into the country.

business aviation

Fractional Ownership in Business Aviation

Fractional ownership initiatives allow buyers to acquire a fraction of a business jet, paying a monthly fee for management, then flight fees per hour of use.  Some companies offer pay-in-advance schemes where the customer can purchase bulk flying time.

For the past five years, there has been a lull in this industry; the economic downturn is partly to blame, with expenses cutbacks and falling rates of business.  This had led to many fractional ownership companies going out of business, with some being bought out, such as the proposed acquisition of Bombardier’s Flexjet by Directional Aviation Capital who already own Flight Options and Sentient Jet, fractional ownership enterprises.

It is hoped, now that there are fewer players in the industry, that prices can become more competitive, with greater flexibility for new growth in this sector.

Executive Airshare is keeping its focus upon the light jet market, which is less capital-intensive, offering businesses a more affordable way of flight compared to that of larger jets.

Already there seems to have been a resurgence of business with some companies noticing a rise of up to 50% on last year’s figures.  Many believe that this is a clear indication that people are returning to ‘normal’ business activity.

It may also be an indication that businesses are prepared to go a little further in search of new contracts and to seek out new business opportunities.

Recently it was suggested that it can be more cost-effective for companies to share the hire of a business jet than to purchase individual seats on commercial flights.

Whatever is happening, it is clearly good for business in the sector.