New Version of Flight Planning iPad App Released by ARINC Direct

Flight Planning iPad App

Leading flight support and communications provider for business aviation, ARINC Direct have announced the release of their latest flight planning iPad app, version 3.0.

The new version includes all the benefits of the older version plus a range of document management functions to simplify flight planning and an ARINC Direct website component that gives pilots and crew access to their files on iPad and on the web.  This will allow them to assign documents to a specific flight leg, aircraft or user, streamlining the filing and management process with simple drag and drop utility.

“ARINC is working to minimize paper and improve access to information on the flight deck for pilots,” said Bob Richard, ARINC Direct Vice President, “and version 3.0 is a major step forward in getting our customers there.”

Available in the Apple app store now, the ARINC Direct Flight Planning iPad App is, according to Mr Richard, “Another example of how we respond to our customer requirements for a cost-effective, simple and seamless user experience.”

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