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Other Business Aviation iPad App ProvidersBusiness aviation is taking even bigger steps towards a paperless cockpit environment with the introduction of iPad technology, with applications such as flight planning and information sharing capabilities. The weight reduction helps with fuel consumption and the streamlined operational benefits are almost limitless.

Jeppesen have recently upgraded their Mobile FliteDeck application in a bit to increase situational awareness and further simplify procedures for pilots with enhancements optimised for iOS 7, giving pilots and flight crew greater sharing options.

“The user-focused design of Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck allows us to integrate key features and functions to improve workflow capabilities and access to critical information, based on individual pilot preferences,” said Tim Huegel, director, Jeppesen Aviation Portfolio Management. “Shared data between devices and improved enroute and weather data interaction increases situational awareness to improve the overall flying experience.”

Giving pilots the ability to access, file and make amendments to flight plans is also a big plus, particularly as part of the CDM initiative. Automation of routine tasks on the flight deck gives pilots greater situational awareness and enhances flight safety aspects.

Other Providers of the Electronic Flight Bag for Business Aviation

Jeppesen, part of Boeing’s Commercial Aviation Services, has launched the latest version of its Electronic Flight Bag software for Windows 8. FliteDeck Pro has been specifically designed for use with Windows 8 operating systems for tablets and can help to streamline the use of data for navigational information and flight planning for airlines, business jet operators and military fleet programs.

iPad applications are becoming increasingly popular within the business aviation industry as a significant contributor to weight-saving initiatives and fuel consumption savings and is another step closer to a paperless cockpit environment.

Electronic flight bag (EFB) providers aim to streamline the entire process of flight planning and filing flight plans and many applications give pilots and flight crew direct access to all operational information via tablets. Cloud-based applications give comprehensive access to critical data and allow simplified data sharing amongst relevant parties under a secure connection.

Jeppesens’ EFB solution has been integrated by Delta Airlines to increase efficiency in a scalable data management initiative. Managed by the global Jeppesen Distribution Manager Pro, the secure network offers reliability throughout operational activity.

“Pilots will now be able to open two applications side-by-side on screen to access critical flight information such as text and enroute charts in a split view, with Windows 8,” said Tracy Issel, Microsoft general manager for retail, consumer goods, hospitality and travel. “The full HD 1080p Surface tablet provides seamless delivery of real-time flight data from Jeppesen in all lighting conditions, and pilots can configure their tablet to provide the right information at the right time.”

Flight Planning iPad App

Leading flight support and communications provider for business aviation, ARINC Direct have announced the release of their latest flight planning iPad app, version 3.0.

The new version includes all the benefits of the older version plus a range of document management functions to simplify flight planning and an ARINC Direct website component that gives pilots and crew access to their files on iPad and on the web.  This will allow them to assign documents to a specific flight leg, aircraft or user, streamlining the filing and management process with simple drag and drop utility.

“ARINC is working to minimize paper and improve access to information on the flight deck for pilots,” said Bob Richard, ARINC Direct Vice President, “and version 3.0 is a major step forward in getting our customers there.”

Available in the Apple app store now, the ARINC Direct Flight Planning iPad App is, according to Mr Richard, “Another example of how we respond to our customer requirements for a cost-effective, simple and seamless user experience.”

ARINC Direct Flight Planning iPad App

ARINC Direct Flight Planning iPad App

ARINC Direct, industry leading business aviation communications providers, demonstrated their new Flight Planning iPad app at EBACE last month, showing the incredible capabilities and connectivity for the use of the iPad as a valuable flight planning tool.

James Hardie, Director for ARINC Direct EMEA and Asia Pacific, said, “Once we realized that more than 50 percent of our subscriber base was already using the [Apple] iPad as an electronic flight bag in the cockpit, we knew that we could provide more up-to-date information, automatically, through our own app, whenever it is connected via the Internet to our servers.”

The combination of the WiFi connectivity of the iPad and ARINC Direct’s Inmarsat SwiftBroadband link, allow for the flight planning iPad app to achieve maximum capability, enhancing the flight deck operations, cutting down the paperwork and offering live weather graphics, graphical flight following and much more.

ARINC Direct’s unique features, such as the ability to connect two iPads via Bluetooth on the flight deck, enabling data sharing, and amending, saving and uploading amended flight plans as PDF’s make the ARINC Direct flight planning iPad app a much needed and long awaited solution to utmost efficiency and another huge step towards a paperless cockpit.