New Facility with Enhanced Passenger Processing Launched by Quintessentially Aviation

Quintessentially Aviation FBO will launch its new FBO facility with efficient passenger processing at Shannon Airport at the NBAA Convention in Las Vegas.

The new FBO commenced operations at the beginning of this month and is part of a joint venture between QA and Sky Handling Partners.

Custom Clearance Shannon is the only place outside the Americas that can furnish business aviation with US pre-clearance and boasts turnaround times of approximately 45 minutes, which has made Shannon an attractive place for passengers of both departures and arrivals into the US with swift and smooth passenger processing.

“We anticipate that 90% of our clientele will be transatlantic clients wishing to maximise the ease of clearance opportunities at the airport. They are also likely to be high net worth individuals originating in Russia or the Middle East, so Shannon’s strict security monitoring, is also an attraction” said Brendan McQuaid, Managing Director, confirming why Shannon Airport was selected for the inaugural QA FBO.

Expected to be completed at the end of this year, the large crew facilities will include a rest area, showers, WiFi, flight planning capabilities and satellite television with a new passenger lounge with contemporary style and service.

The company are hoping to attract new clientele with the new facility in addition to the competitive fuel pricing structure developed in partnership with World Fuel.

Quintessential Aviation FBO hope that this new facility will be the first of many and look forward to its success.

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