Improved Security Surveillance System for MacArthur Airport

security surveillance systemLong Island MacArthur Airport (LIMA) have upgraded their security surveillance system to an advanced digital system as part of a plan to enhance the airport ready for potential passenger growth and expanded air service.  LIMA have leveraged previous investments by choosing a security surveillance system to integrate with their existing technology.

LIMA have selected IPVideo Corporation to provide the upgrades to the public airport that is owned by the town of Islip.  LIMA serves almost two million passengers per year, averaging 500 flights every day, both commercial and private charter aircraft, of which it houses 250.

The new system will operate high resolution cameras with facial recognition capability to aid border control to identify persons of interest.  The cameras have a timeline feature which will enable higher levels of customer service and allow operators to locate lost items or even cars in the parking facility.

Physical security surveillance system operation is critical across the globe to guarantee secure and safe passage for passengers and staff at border control facilities.  The reassurance of today’s technological advances can be felt industry-wide.

A solution that is scalable and flexible is often required and is offered by companies such as ARINC, who have an eighty-year record of excellence in the aviation industry.  Their physical security surveillance systems are used throughout the industry and also in nuclear facilities.

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