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Enhanced Physical Security for AirportsAustralia’s government has ordered a review of airport security following heightened terror alerts across the country to include an ‘active shooter’ response plan.

Physical airport security procedures will be reviewed and tightened, with measures in place to raise awareness amongst passengers. It was made clear by the Department of Transport that they were not requesting heightened implementation of additional security measures, but “review their current security measures to ensure they remain relevant for both generic and specific threat and alert level”.

Amongst the requests made of industry participants are that they ‘take steps to reinvigorate security awareness’; ‘increase vigilance around unattended or abandoned items’; increase security signage and increase face-to-face identification checks of personnel.

There has been an increase in Federal Police patrols as a reaction to the increased terror alert level – the first in Australian history – as they believe the threats to be real and an attack ‘imminent’.

Sydney airport is one of the first to review its physical security procedures and has launched a passenger campaign that is centred around the term ‘if you see something, say something’. Increased security is present in the airport and additional signage has been placed.

Maintaining Airport Security Whilst Improving Passenger ExperienceBy the end of February passengers at McCarran International Airport will be able to apply for PreCheck, a scheme that will allow expedited check-in for up to five years at a cost of $85.

The scheme will be run by the Transportation Security Administration PreCheck Application Center, based in the Airport Terminal 1, and will follow more than 100 airports across the country that currently operate the screening program.

Passengers will apply for a Known Traveller Number, which will be granted after rigorous identity verification processes, fingerprinting and immigration status investigations, allaying fears from opposers of the scheme, who raised initial concerns about maintaining high security for airline passengers.

Once membership is granted, successful applicants will pay an $85 fee for a five-year period of expedited processing. PreCheck will allow passengers to pass through airport security without being held up by the usual process of removing their shoes for screening or without removing laptops and TSA-compliant liquids from their hand luggage.

Rosemary Vassiliadis, Director of aviation for Clark County welcomes the scheme, saying “At McCarran, our priority is a positive travel experience for passengers and expedited screening provides just that.”

Increasing Efficiency of Airport Security Screening TechniquesA team comprising of representatives from the Canadian airport authorities and airlines has been formed to conduct a study with an aim to speed up the process of airport security screening. The Airport Pre-Board Screening Efficiency Team will focus upon ways to improve the speed of airport security screening without compromising the security of passengers.

In 2012, more than 51 million passengers, at 106 checkpoints and 311 screening lanes were screened by 5,400 screening officers at Canada’s airports; an improvement of 30% compared to 2010, from 90 to 120 passengers per lane, per hour during peak times.

Lisa Raitt, Canada’s Minister of Transport said, “I trust the Airport Pre Board Screening Efficiency Team will find efficiencies that can be implemented without undue cost to Canadian travellers. Transport Canada will provide appropriate supports to this team.”

As part of the expansion of Inverness Airport, a leading physical airport security company has installed a new access management system to help to streamline the process of managing staff and passengers.

Other Physical Airport Security Systems ProvidersCEM Systems, part of Tyco and ADT Fire & Security has installed their CEM AC2000 AE (Airport Edition) system, being the only access control system designed specifically for airport use.

Inverness boasts the largest airport in the Highlands and Scottish Islands and is a key location, processing more than 610,000 passengers every year.

Physical security systems are critical in airports to maintain safety and security of staff, crew and passengers, while increasing efficiency and productivity throughout the airport. The AC2000AE has a wide range of security features including check-in desk enabling, core access control, air-bridge monitors, passenger reconciliation and vehicle management to name but a few.

Philip Verner, Regional Sales Director for CEM Systems said, “Developed by working in consultation with airports for over 25 years, CEM AC2000 AE is the leading choice for airports around the world.”

security surveillance systemLong Island MacArthur Airport (LIMA) have upgraded their security surveillance system to an advanced digital system as part of a plan to enhance the airport ready for potential passenger growth and expanded air service.  LIMA have leveraged previous investments by choosing a security surveillance system to integrate with their existing technology.

LIMA have selected IPVideo Corporation to provide the upgrades to the public airport that is owned by the town of Islip.  LIMA serves almost two million passengers per year, averaging 500 flights every day, both commercial and private charter aircraft, of which it houses 250.

The new system will operate high resolution cameras with facial recognition capability to aid border control to identify persons of interest.  The cameras have a timeline feature which will enable higher levels of customer service and allow operators to locate lost items or even cars in the parking facility.

Physical security surveillance system operation is critical across the globe to guarantee secure and safe passage for passengers and staff at border control facilities.  The reassurance of today’s technological advances can be felt industry-wide.

A solution that is scalable and flexible is often required and is offered by companies such as ARINC, who have an eighty-year record of excellence in the aviation industry.  Their physical security surveillance systems are used throughout the industry and also in nuclear facilities.

airport security Indmex Aviation and OPEN Inc have collaborated to offer an integrated solution for airport situational awareness and incident response, it has been announced today.

The companies will provide runway incursion warnings and a records information management system for airport first responders and hope to initiate integrated airport EMS incident response systems.

Scott Streicher, Operations Director for OPEN, the creators of SafetyPAD for Emergency Medical Services, which is already used by Fire and EMS teams at some of the worlds busiest airports, said “After speaking with airport operations directors and airport emergency responders, it was clear to us that there is an unmet need for solutions that solve ongoing challenges at airports resulting from increased operations by both aircraft and vehicles on the airport surface. With the INDMEX partnership, we will be able to fulfil that demand.”

The solution is hoped to boost security and accountability for airport personnel with vehicle and personnel tracking and can be deployed over a range of mobile devices.

Airport security providers, such as ARINC, offer technological solutions to integrated physical and advanced information security.  The use of biometrics and other applications can serve to enhance monitoring capabilities of all system and subsystem activity.