Canadian Aviation Industry to Review Speed of Airport Security Screening

Increasing Efficiency of Airport Security Screening TechniquesA team comprising of representatives from the Canadian airport authorities and airlines has been formed to conduct a study with an aim to speed up the process of airport security screening. The Airport Pre-Board Screening Efficiency Team will focus upon ways to improve the speed of airport security screening without compromising the security of passengers.

In 2012, more than 51 million passengers, at 106 checkpoints and 311 screening lanes were screened by 5,400 screening officers at Canada’s airports; an improvement of 30% compared to 2010, from 90 to 120 passengers per lane, per hour during peak times.

Lisa Raitt, Canada’s Minister of Transport said, “I trust the Airport Pre Board Screening Efficiency Team will find efficiencies that can be implemented without undue cost to Canadian travellers. Transport Canada will provide appropriate supports to this team.”

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