Inverness Installs New Physical Airport Security System

As part of the expansion of Inverness Airport, a leading physical airport security company has installed a new access management system to help to streamline the process of managing staff and passengers.

Other Physical Airport Security Systems ProvidersCEM Systems, part of Tyco and ADT Fire & Security has installed their CEM AC2000 AE (Airport Edition) system, being the only access control system designed specifically for airport use.

Inverness boasts the largest airport in the Highlands and Scottish Islands and is a key location, processing more than 610,000 passengers every year.

Physical security systems are critical in airports to maintain safety and security of staff, crew and passengers, while increasing efficiency and productivity throughout the airport. The AC2000AE has a wide range of security features including check-in desk enabling, core access control, air-bridge monitors, passenger reconciliation and vehicle management to name but a few.

Philip Verner, Regional Sales Director for CEM Systems said, “Developed by working in consultation with airports for over 25 years, CEM AC2000 AE is the leading choice for airports around the world.”

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