German-based Spherus Aviation to Develop Business Aviation in Nigeria

Germany-based Spherus Aviation, a leading business aviation firm from Hannover, has scheduled a follow-up trip to Nigeria with a view to developing business aviation in the country.

In a bid to drum up enthusiasm, the company has been encouraging Nigerian clients and extolling the virtues of the charter and management of private aircraft, showcasing business jets.

In partnership with Cita-Triax Aviation, a Nigerian-based company, Spherus is committed to improving and expanding Nigeria’s business aviation industry.

“On this trip, we are participating in the Oil &and Gas expo in Abuja and will be offering advice and support to clients at the Cessna/Bell stand with Robert Prentise of Africa air Inc. We will present our latest Special Management Model Turnkey solution to potential Nigerian business aviation clients who may be government officials, business leaders and high net worth individuals that value their time in meeting up with their appointments using a private long range shuttle with maximum comfort and guarantee of safety, ” said Mr Sebastian Kester, MD of Spherus Aviation.

Spherus Aviation is the first Nigerian-owned business aviation operator to work successfully in Europe and will bring European aviation standards into Nigeria.  It is hoped that the development of business in Nigeria will encourage the continuation of direct foreign investment into the country.

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