Heathrow Extends iMUSE Common Use System Contract with ARINC and Awards New

ARINC Common Use System BenefitsARINC has announced that London Heathrow (LHR) has renewed it current iMUSE, common use system contract until March 2015 by the AOC.

LHR remains the world’s busiest international airport, with over 75 million passengers passing through each year and is known as the hub of the civil aviation world.

An additional contract has simultaneously been awarded to ARINC to install the industry leading common use system in LHR’s new Terminal 2, expected to open its doors in June 2014, to support 378 check-in desks and boarding gates.  ARINC will also continue with the maintenance and support for all the equipment.  The new terminal is expected to service 20 million passengers.

Arinc, who have been working with LHR since 1999 have built a strong relationship with the airport.  David P Wilding, Chair of Heathrow AOC’s Shared System Board said, “Terminal 2, which is scheduled to open its doors to the public in June 2014, has been meticulously designed around the needs of passengers – with particular emphasis on enabling them to get to and from their flights as quickly as possible.  ARINC’s iMUSE, by processing passengers faster and more efficiently through sharing airport infrastructure and resources, has a pivotal role to play in this objective which is fundamental to LHR’s undertaking to provide world-class customer service.”

ARINC are delighted to extend and expand their relationship with Heathrow, especially their involvement with the common use system for the new Terminal 2.  Tony Chapman, Executive Director of ARINC EMEA for Heathrow said, “We look forward to continuing to support the AOC’s efforts of providing the most efficient passenger processing systems possible.”

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