Hitch with Baggage Handling?

Chaos at Hazrat Shahjalal Airport in Dhaka was observed after a seven hour strike largely by ground handlers which led to approximately 3,000 passengers experiencing untold suffering. Civil Aviation Minister Faruk Khan warmed that if the ground handler failed in its responsibilities then the government would have no other option but to replace it.

Ground handling involves providing cabin services, catering, ramp services and passenger services. In Hazrat Shahjalal, Biman is the handling agent specifically for baggage handling and continually shows poor performance

At Dhaka baggage is brought to the delivery carousel from the arriving aircrafts in wheeled containers and unloaded by hand at the carousel point.  Most of the time baggage arrives and is ready to be picked up to an hour or more. If two or three wide-bodied aircrafts lands one after the other, it could be total pandemonium. In several other international airports procedures are such that a passenger could be eligible for compensation if their baggage takes more than 20 minutes to arrive at the baggage carousel.

The government is reported to be switching to an automated baggage handling system. It is trying to introduce a computerised Baggage Reconciliation system which will reduce mishandling of luggage. Sophisticated machines designed for baggage handling, including loading and unloading, will be introduced. This measure is expected to reduce loss or damage and will speed up dispatch and receipt of baggage..

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