Disaster Waiting to Happen?

MA60 aircraft refused certification by USA Federal Aviation, but to be brought into service by unqualified pilots.

The Chinese made MA60 that does not have the best reputation. Refused certification by the American Federal Aviation Department it has been involved in several accidents, one killing all the passengers on board. The investigation into this crash blamed human error, one of the main factors being not enough training and flight experience on this plane.

It was stated that the pilots should have a minimum of 250 hours on the plane, they didn’t. Now Samiu Airport wants to think about sending a couple of pilots to China to be trained and bring the plane back. This would not leave enough time for them to reach the minimum safety figure for training hours, yet they will go straight into duty. The result will be unqualified pilots on this aircraft and lives put at risk.

Samiu claims the new airline will deliver cheaper prices, no interruptions in service, but has not shown how this can happen. With no consultation with the private sector companies, no mention of how payment for the debt of the planes or any additional advise he has stepped out of his mandated position to interfere in private enterprise.

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