ARINC to provide ACARS for Japan’s AVICOM

This week we heard that ARINC will be providing IT maintenance and support for Japan’s AVICOM Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS).

AVICOM is Japan’s service provider for aviation communications, performing the same role as the FAA in the USA. Since the 1990’s AVICOM has used ACARS, and has selected ARINC to provide a broader service and maintenance solution that meets increasingly demanding cost expectations. ARINC will provide dedicated on-site support at AVICOM’s Network Operating Center, in addition to remote support in locations across Japan. The complete ARINC managed solution comprises asset management, incident management, preventive maintenance and reporting.

“This is the first time we’ve been contracted to support an ACARS system and provide maintenance for back-end network infrastructure in this way,” said Jim L. Martin, Managing Director, ARINC Asia Pacific. “This engagement highlights the flexibility of our IT support capabilities to develop solutions for a variety of technical environments,” Martin continued.

For more information on ARINC’s services airport management please visit the AviNet Airport site. For specific information on ACARSs and the transmission of Type B Messages please visit the Type B Messaging site.

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