Focus on: Type B Messaging Systems

I wanted to take a look at a solution for aviation communications; AviNet Type B messaging from ARINC as it delivers an unbeatable combination of high value and low cost for both commercial and business aviation. GLOBALink ACARS®, passenger reservations, aviation weather data and flight planning are a few message types that can transmitted, and ARINC offers a free messaging audit.

For over 50 years ARINC has operated an IATA Type B and Type A message switching service and over 700 companies depend on their network. They comply with all IATA Type B and Type A standards as well as support IATA messaging between customers and trading partners in the aviation industry. By using AviNet Type B Messaging companies can effectively communicate and share vital information with business partners, operators, and applications globally.

Type B Customers are able to communicate with entities on other networks, including FAA NADIN I and II, AFTN, and SITA. ARINC supports ATA/IATA type B message, formats various message reassurance procedures such as the BATAP and IBM MQ Series. AviNet can also manage non-IATA messages in addition to standard ATA/IATA formats.

Type B Messaging can seem to be complex and confusing, but ARINC work closely with the client to provide a consultation on the current messaging environment and to find an appropriate Type B Messaging pricing scheme. They maintain that they typically save customers over 30% on their existing Type B Messaging costs.

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