Focus on: The comprehensive suite of security solutions from ARINC

ARINC Advanced Information Management (AIM) security solution, concentrates on current security issues that are designed to look into the future needs of businesses, supplying a comprehensive suite of solutions by skilled staff with PMI-based expertise delivering mission-critical security systems, with experience all around the world.

ARINC are a U.S. market leader in nuclear power integrated security systems, and also provides access, command and control for secure government facilities, military installations, seaports, and airports. They specialise on the awareness that is required for the safety and security of personnel, passengers, and facilities. Their wide range of solutions include comprehensive physical security that can integrate with an entire site’s video surveillance, access control, detection devices, notification, digital signage, and converged network technology.

ARINC Advanced Information Management is able to deliver highly-efficient and cost-effective solutions optimized for any site. ARINC has more than two decades of experience for the military, government, airport, and aviation industries, using the top leading equipment, physical security devices, digital media, and information technology available, tailoring solutions to meet requirements.

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