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ARINC AIM Platform for Enhanced Infrastructure SecurityRockwell Collins has announced the release of an upgrade to its ARINC AIM user interface which incorporates state-of-the-art technology to deliver an improved experience for users.

The upgrade delivers intuitive workflows, configurable desktop themes, customisable workspace layouts, in-built graphical display editor and improvements to the user feedback mechanism.

Built using Agile software development methodology, the new interface will provide users of ARINC AIM with enhanced flexibility that can more effectively help them manage unexpected changes to critical infrastructure security.

With real-time situational awareness, ARINC AIM’s platform is commonly utilised in nuclear power facilities to monitor security, access and command and control.

Leading Providers of Airport & Facility Infrastructure SecurityAs the growing concerns in the airports industry reaches fever pitch over security, it is this week revealed that there have been instances of ex-airport personnel using their security badges to gain access to secure areas of an airport environment.

Airport staff and contractors are not screened in the same way as passengers and this can lead to breaches in security, which must remain secure and reliably protected, particularly high-security areas such as concourses, ramps and the tarmac.

As these issues increase, airports are looking to the infrastructure security industry to make full use of the latest technology, which does reduce time spent screening and monitoring these secure areas. Using a collaborative approach with software solutions can mean that identity records are monitored in real-time and even anomalous facility access patterns can be recognised quickly.

Access and infrastructure security providers, such as Rockwell Collins’ ARINC AIM solution, can offer enhanced access security across the entire airport environment, while keeping costs manageable and reducing the workload on currently already stretched personnel.

airport security Indmex Aviation and OPEN Inc have collaborated to offer an integrated solution for airport situational awareness and incident response, it has been announced today.

The companies will provide runway incursion warnings and a records information management system for airport first responders and hope to initiate integrated airport EMS incident response systems.

Scott Streicher, Operations Director for OPEN, the creators of SafetyPAD for Emergency Medical Services, which is already used by Fire and EMS teams at some of the worlds busiest airports, said “After speaking with airport operations directors and airport emergency responders, it was clear to us that there is an unmet need for solutions that solve ongoing challenges at airports resulting from increased operations by both aircraft and vehicles on the airport surface. With the INDMEX partnership, we will be able to fulfil that demand.”

The solution is hoped to boost security and accountability for airport personnel with vehicle and personnel tracking and can be deployed over a range of mobile devices.

Airport security providers, such as ARINC, offer technological solutions to integrated physical and advanced information security.  The use of biometrics and other applications can serve to enhance monitoring capabilities of all system and subsystem activity.

Infrastructure Security

Infrastructure Security

As global demand for oil and gas increases, further pressure is placed upon resources providers in terms of infrastructure security, an industry calculated to be worth more than $28.44bn in 2013.

Many countries around the world are experiencing alarming rises in issues such as terrorist attacks, civil unrest and criminal activity linked with provocation from economic instability and the growing competition of the world markets.

It has never been more crucial time for the introduction of necessary enhanced infrastructure security to protect current and potential future expansion of company holdings.

Visiongain, working in partnership with the U.S. Federal Government, has released a detailed report, highlighting the growing opportunities for oil and gas infrastructure security providers, identifying leading companies and providing valuable insight into world oil and gas market developments.

The unique report shows a representation of leading opinion and analysis into national, submarket and indeed, global forecasts for the next ten years.

Infrastructure Security

Infrastructure Security

ARINC has, for more than 20 years, provided essential, industry-leading nuclear security solutions to the U.S. nuclear power industry.  Using its innovative command, surveillance, control and communications technologies, ARINC furnishes the industry with reliable protection and performs systems integration functions.

Energy Solutions Inc is the latest addition to the company’s respected customer family.  Based in Salt Lake City, Energy Solutions Inc is responsible for the decommissioning project in Illinois over then next ten years.  ARINC have been successful in their bid to provide nuclear security and information management software.

The Advanced Information Management System will be seamlessly integrated by ARINC’s Security Solutions Project Team, with the existing security system of the (spent) nuclear fuel silo, constructed for the Zion Nuclear Power Station by Energy Solutions Inc.

Frank Koren, ARINC product director of security systems said, ‘We are excited to work with Energy Solutions on this important project.  Our AIM SCS technology is widely used for security command and control applications at over 42 nuclear plants throughout the U.S. and Canada.’

In fact, ARINC’s proven nuclear security system solutions are used in 50% of all the nuclear power plants in North America to date.

ARINC Advanced Information Management (AIM) security solution, concentrates on current security issues that are designed to look into the future needs of businesses, supplying a comprehensive suite of solutions by skilled staff with PMI-based expertise delivering mission-critical security systems, with experience all around the world.

ARINC are a U.S. market leader in nuclear power integrated security systems, and also provides access, command and control for secure government facilities, military installations, seaports, and airports. They specialise on the awareness that is required for the safety and security of personnel, passengers, and facilities. Their wide range of solutions include comprehensive physical security that can integrate with an entire site’s video surveillance, access control, detection devices, notification, digital signage, and converged network technology.

ARINC Advanced Information Management is able to deliver highly-efficient and cost-effective solutions optimized for any site. ARINC has more than two decades of experience for the military, government, airport, and aviation industries, using the top leading equipment, physical security devices, digital media, and information technology available, tailoring solutions to meet requirements.

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