Infrastructure security

Infrastructure Security

Infrastructure Security

As global demand for oil and gas increases, further pressure is placed upon resources providers in terms of infrastructure security, an industry calculated to be worth more than $28.44bn in 2013.

Many countries around the world are experiencing alarming rises in issues such as terrorist attacks, civil unrest and criminal activity linked with provocation from economic instability and the growing competition of the world markets.

It has never been more crucial time for the introduction of necessary enhanced infrastructure security to protect current and potential future expansion of company holdings.

Visiongain, working in partnership with the U.S. Federal Government, has released a detailed report, highlighting the growing opportunities for oil and gas infrastructure security providers, identifying leading companies and providing valuable insight into world oil and gas market developments.

The unique report shows a representation of leading opinion and analysis into national, submarket and indeed, global forecasts for the next ten years.

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