Restructured Regional Coverage for ARINC Aviation Voice Network

Last week we heard that ARINC Incorporateds Air/Ground Domestic Radio VHF voice service in North America announced that it has restructured its regional network design. The Air/Ground Domestic Radio VHF voice service has been restructured from 12 separate networks into 6 regionally divided networks operating on 6 frequencies across the continental United States. This change improves the ease-of-use for the air crews while maintaining the high quality of service and availability customers expect from ARINC. The network restructuring is the final phase of a system-wide technology refresh, including digital connectivity and replacing analogue radios with state-of-the-art digital transceivers. The digital connectivity and radios have demonstrated greater voice clarity, improved reliability, and real-time network monitoring. The digital technology also allowed ARINC to make the overnight transition with minimal service interruption.

As the critical communications medium for thousands of today’s commercial and business aircraft, it is vital for ARINCs VHF voice radio service to respond to the requests of our users, said John Metzger, Program Director, ARINC Aviation Voice Services. The new regional network structure offers a single frequency for each region to minimize frequency changes across our customers’ major route structures. This will greatly improve the air crews ability to select the correct frequency relative to aircraft position and reach the ground for priority company communications.

Even with the increased use of data link communications, VHF voice radio remains the industry standard used by commercial air carriers and business and general aviation. VHF voice radio enables airlines to communicate emergency or other non-routine situations to company dispatch, maintenance and medical advisory services, limiting unnecessary diversions and providing the critical communications link from the aircraft to the ground.

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