In Focus – Aviation Type B Messaging Costs

Cost-saving strategies are the current hot topic for all business aviation users. As airline operational costs continue to rise with airport taxes, fuel prices, maintenance, staffing and the multitude of ‘back end’ costs we look at one of the ways that business jets can improve their bottom line.

Type B messaging services are one of the airlines essentials. Operational messaging can be expensive – but is not something that can be compromised on. There are of course many providers of these services but I want to focus on a supplier that actually offers a calculator tool to find out if you could make savings before you need to get in touch,.

Not all Type B business messaging services are the same. There are major differences between network providers in pricing, support, and efficiency of their applications.

ARINC Direct’s ‘Type B Check’ allows you to calculate your potential savings in this area. As a leading network provider, ARINC has pioneered many advanced features and widely publicise that their Type B messaging applications the most user-friendly available today.

Because ARINC offers several flexible pricing plans, including a flat rate option, new customers could benefit from savings as much as 60% of their messaging costs.

ARINC’s Type B access products are built on ARINC’s technologically advanced AviNet platform and deliver unsurpassed reliability and user-friendly operation.

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