In-flight iPad & Kindle ban could be scrapped by FAA

The FAA is planning to look again at the use of gadgets during take-off and landings in flights.

We heard this week that despite these devices being deemed safe for pilots, airlines are unwilling to invest in the testing required to be sure that each device is safe for passengers to use during these critical times.

With the necessary investment so high it is much more economical for airlines to simply ask passengers to turn off equipment, and as the airlines unlikely to take the initiative the FAA will start looking at the issue.

Results may take years and one way to speed up the process, and to make it more financially viable, would be for airlines to pool their resources.

The regulator has already paved the way for in-flight mobile telephones, creating a technical framework within which in-flight calling is safe and leaving it to the airlines to decide if it’s worth offering the service.

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