ARINC Delivers Advance Passenger Information Service (APIS) for the Netherlands

ARINC Incorporated announces the deployment of its Advance Passenger Information System (APIS) messaging service to support message transmission to the Netherlands Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations. ARINC’s EMEA Government & Security Division has installed the new APIS service, in full cooperation with the Identity Management & Immigration (IDMI) programme directorate to support its Innovation Border Management Programme (Vernieuwing Grensmanagement or VGM).

ARINC Delivers Advance Passenger Information (APIS)

ARINC Delivers Advance Passenger Information (APIS)

The ARINC solution interfaces seamlessly with the existing IDMI border control system. “ARINC greatly values the relationship we have established with the IDMI programme directorate and the Royal Netherlands Marechausse (Koninklijke Marechausee – KMAR), which has stretched back to the successful pilot programme from 2009” stated Ray Batt, ARINC Director, Government & Security.”ARINC is eager to become an important technology partner to the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations and to assist the Netherlands in reaching its future Border Control objectives.” “This APIS system based on our latest Advance Passenger Information eXchange (APIX) platform is a natural complement to the wider innovative border control solutions already deployed in the Netherlands”, stated Ray Batt. “We strongly believe that the future will demand a continuous increase in the integration of intelligence led border control systems.”

ARINC is committed to providing advanced border management solutions that encompass network transport technology, a messaging service, and message format translations in an effective, reliable, and cost-effective manner. These capabilities perfectly link to the proven expertise of the Identity Management & Immigration (IDMI) programme directorate and the Royal Netherlands Marechausse.

Industry-standard API messaging, part of the ARINC Electronic Borders security portfolio, is increasingly demanded by government agencies because it provides pre-arrival and pre-departure manifest data on all passengers and crew, improving the security of national borders. ARINC Electronic Borders provides a portfolio of border solutions to manage the entry and exit of travellers entering or leaving a country via Air, Sea, or Land borders. ARINC can tailor and scale each solution to meet specific customer requirements, while also meeting industry standards sought by international trade organizations and governments.

The Netherlands APIS project signifies another significant milestone in ARINC’s aim to become a premier provider of Electronic Borders solutions within the Europe Middle East and African region.

For more information on advance passenger information systems please visit AviSec Messaging or for complete border management solutions visit Electronic Borders. .

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