Wi-Fi Internet in the sky via satellite

Because they have few limits on bandwidth airlines are giving satellites a second look for delivering onboard Internet services to passengers.

Satellites are an attractive option for airlines that are still figuring out the best and most affordable ways to deliver Internet on flights.

Currently most U.S. carriers offering in-flight Internet, including Delta Air Lines, American Airlines, US Airways, Alaska Airlines, AirTran and Virgin America, use so-called air-to-ground technology provided by Illinois-based Gogo. This system only offers limited availability the aircraft must be flying over land.

Consultant Michael Planey says “Satellites offer broadband capability that gives airlines flexibility to offer more services to passengers”.

The commercial incentive for airlines are potential additional revenue sources that will require more broadband bandwidth, including streaming videos, online shopping, booking hotels and local destination coupons.

ARINC Cabin Connect - In-flight Broadband

ARINC Cabin Connect - In-flight Broadband

Onboard internet is offered by ARINC’s Cabin Connect Service. Passengers can now browse, email, IM, tweet, shop and more direct from their own device.

For more information on how ARINC’s passenger WiFi product can revolutionise the inflight experience please visit: www.cabinconnect.aero

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