ARINC Flat-rate pricing helps airlines manage API costs

ARINC is introducing AviSec as a new flat-rate pricing concept to help airlines manage their costs for transferring Advanced Passenger Information (API) to destination governments.

It was launched by ARINC EMEA at its annual customer event, Converge and ENGAGE on 19-20 October.

“AviSec, a simple charging method based on a monthly rate for an agreed number of flights, has been designed to enable airlines to budget more easily. Currently many airlines are charged for each message on a per character basis, resulting in unpredictable costs,”

AviSec can handle and convert multiple formats from different airline systems and safely transmit data over ARINC’s highly resilient AviNet network, which has served the air transport industry’s need for secure, reliable messaging for over 50 years. Secure delivery is paramount for airlines which must transmit API in the form of batch flight manifests to border control agencies in the destination country.

Any failure by an airline to comply incurs a significant fine.

More information can be found at

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